skin aging cosmetic textile underwear slim midsection cosmetic textile shapewear spats

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    Date 2014-09-03

    An innovative beauty product that acts on the youthful appearance of skin & fights against the visible signs of skin ageing: dehydration, uneven skin tone, wrinkles, enlarged pores, & so much more Get a more shapely midsection

    It encourages good posture by gently giving you support in order to stand up straight, making you feel taller and look confident Wear your favorite bra, enjoy the comfort of a one-piece body suit and downsize your thighs, all in one. Supports up to the bra line. Slims and slenderizes down to thighs. Flattens tummy, smoothes hips and firms the back and rear cosmetic textile, cosmetic textiles, cosmetictextiles, cosmetictextile, cosmétotextile, cosmétotextiles, cosméto textile, cosméto textiles

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